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Photo by Carolyn Victoria Photography

I am a(n): Christian, newlywed, sister, aunt, wife, daughter, granddaughter, daughter-in-law, and a wanderluster.

Lover of: God, my husband, family, music, traveling, kids, tea, piano, cozy evenings, guitar, rainy days, Mumford & Sons, sunshine, folk music, maps, fireplaces, airplanes, chewy sweet tarts, postcards, going natural, curly hair, IKEA and singing.

Currently enjoying: blogging, HP series, Drop Dead Diva, Josh Garrels’ album Home, The Lumineers, Cantus Eatnemen Vuelie – Fairest Lord Jesus (opening song in Frozen), cooking, rearranging furniture, Peter Bradley Adams, Dominion card game and string art.

Looking forward to: school starting, warm weather, traveling, carrying on a conversation in Swedish with my husband and reuniting with family.


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