Pregnancy Stories & Quotes | Week 4-27

Check out my 1st & 2nd trimester update here! This is the post with all the fun quotes, stories, and pictures week by week. 🙂

Week 4:

For some reason I got so frustrated folding Simeon’s shirts that I just had to stop. I’ve been folding his shirts for years and never had a problem but my frustration increased with each shirt. I asked, “Simeon, why am I so frustrated?!”
Simeon: “Because you’re pregnant.”
Me: “I can’t use that as an excuse for everything… can I?”
Simeon: “You have it, you might as well use it.”
–cue evil laughter–

Later on:
Simeon went to bed around 8am and from the bedroom I hear:
Simeon: “Natalie, did you turn the heat on?”
Me: “Maybe.”
Simeon: “Well it’s really hot over here.”
Me: “Oh, you can turn it off if you want.”
Simeon: “But you’re closer.”
Me: “Yeah, but I’m pregnant.”
Simeon: “Well played.”

Week 5:

We babysat an 8yo and a 10yo one weekend. The 10 year old kept talking about how his alarm is so loud at 6:15 in the morning and if we hear it we will think a tornado siren is going off. Simeon and I were staying in the room next to him and when we sent him to bed, I saw him move the alarm clock to the outlet closest to our room… When I asked him about it, he got this mischievous smile on his face. At 5am Simeon came back from work and said,
“I put my body armor to cover up the vent because he put his alarm clock in our vent.”
Me: “Why does he think that’s funny?”
Simeon: “The same reason he hides behind corners and scares you every time you walk by.. he’s a 10 year old boy.”

Dear Lord, please help me if I have boys. 😨😱

Pregnancy brain: it’s a real thing. Simeon in response to my brain lapses: “How does it feel to be mere mortal now?”

We babysat throngs of kids on Thursday. The clarity clinic in town was having a banquet and that left us with 25-30 kids.. not sure on the exact number because they never really sat still long enough to count. When we were originally signed up for the event, we were told the youth group would be babysitting and they just needed a few adults to oversee the youth group. Well, there was no youth group.. Just Simeon & I, and one other couple.
A good portion of my night was spent walking the one year old back and forth to the water fountain to fill up his cup. He’s too independent to allow me to hold his cup -or him- while he walked so by the time we actually made it back to the room, the water was either all over himself or in a great big puddle on the carpet. This process went on a few times until we found the juice boxes.. with straws!
Afterward Simeon said, “Yeah, I think I’d be fine with 1 maybe 2 kids..” 😆 Exactly what I was thinking.

Week 6:

Me: “Why do people do this more than once?”

Week 7

Pregnancy sucks. The end.

On unrelated occasions, 2 people said my symptoms – crazy dreams and acne – sound like I’m having a BOY. Which is crazy because I’ve thought that for weeks. It’s weird but I just feel like it’s a boy. It could be because there is a boy name I LOVE!!

I went over to my sister’s house to watch my nephew over Halloween. I had been feeling sooo sick earlier that day and as soon as I left the house I stated feeling better. By the time I got to her house I was almost feeling normal again. I was sitting by the fireplace and Caleb came and just sat in my lap. Right then and there I thought, “I can see how this makes having kids worth it.”

I was sitting by the door waiting for Trick-or-Treaters and Caleb came and sat down next to me. (or the candy) 💗 Here he thinks I’m not looking and is trying to sneak candy… see the little smile on his face?

I’ve realized that I am most sick when I am in my own apartment. I don’t know if it’s because it’s small so smells travel fast or if I strongly associate it with being sick. But if I get up and moving around outside of the apartment I feel great.

My dear friend Mikyong (she was the one I visited in Korea) called me Saturday morning and I got to share the news with her!

I told her I have some news and she asks, “are you pregnant?” I call her my Korean Mom and told her she was going to be a Korean Grandmother. To which she replied “No, I’m Korean Mom”. She asked if I was exercising and told me not to stress. She even told me not to do any homework because that causes stress! Now if only I could get my professors on board…

Week 8

Aunt status is bomb. I put him down for a nap and he was up just playing by himself. I checked back a few minutes later and he was out.. his imagination must have tired him out 💗

My sister has officially announced she is pregnant! Super excited for them!! Baby Arentson is due in May so that makes Carolyn 1 month and 3 days ahead of me. There are 3 of us sisters pregnant at the same time! In just a short time there will be SO MANY COUSINS!!
Week 9
Why yes, I did hide the french press full of freshly brewed coffee in the stock pot. The smell was too much.. where else was I supposed to put it?!

We’ve been overdue for a trip to Minneapolis and when we saw that Johnnyswim was playing, we thought it’d be perfect excuse to disguise sharing the baby news with family in person. We went to Simeon’s grandparents next and had a fun time sharing the news! We haven’t encountered many people who have been genuinely caught off guard by the news that we are pregnant, most reactions are very excited and “I was waiting for this!”

On Saturday night we went to Johnnyswim! This is our second time seeing them in concert and they were as good as ever.

I was fine up until Johnnyswim actually came on.. then I started to feel really sick. I had to sit for most of the concert and couldn’t sing along 😦 I had to run out to the bathroom but Simeon was waiting for me when I came out with some ginger ale. 💗

Concerts have always been my thing and now I’m that person who wears earplugs, sits down, and falls asleep. Simeon took this of me sleeping between bands.. pregnancy exhaustion is real..

We went to IKEA!!! Probably the highlight of my month.

Simeon and I spent hours there. We went in and out of every show room and discussed what we loved about it. We envisioned what we would do in our own house. About 2 hours in I really needed a break… luckily there was no shortage of seating. We just chilled in some adorable wingback chairs and people-watched.

On our way out we stocked up on Swedish food AND alcohol free cider. Just enough to get us to January because… We got our tickets to go to Sweden in January!!! This may be the last time we fly party of 2. 😮

Week 10
Me at 5am^^. There is a chair and blankets that have found a permanent home in the bathroom because of mornings like this.
I got to see little baby on ultrasound! From then on I realized it wasn’t the baby that was making me sick, it was pregnancy. That baby couldn’t make me sick, he was far to perfect.
We visited the fambam for Thanksgiving which is always a great time.


 This started the tradition of taking belly photos of the 3 pregnant sisters (pregsters).
And Chris.
Week 11

I had another ultrasound where Simeon was able to join and I loved watching him see Baby for the first time. It was so special! LITTLE BABY WAS SUCKING HIS/HER THUMB!! 💗

We put of the tree and our village a day or two after thanksgiving. Every year we try to get a new piece and this year Simeon picked out the brewery. We call it The Three Broomsticks.

I made stockings for our little family!

Lucia Saffron rolls for Lucia Day!
Week 12
We announced that we are pregnant!! That was a big highlight.
Week 13

We received a box of love from Sweden with goodies for Advent. The Aladdin chocolates are famous in Sweden and are a tradition around the holidays. The chocolates come with 2 identical layers of 2 chocolates each. So naturally we each get to try one of each. Here’s the kicker: you can’t move on to the second layer until ALL the chocolate on the first layer has been eaten, says Simeon. Even while pregnant I eat chocolate at a rather leisurely pace, one chocolate every few days is good enough for me. Our chocolate advent calendar is still on day 4 😆. Simeon on the other hand LOVES his chocolate. (This picture, for example, was taken moments after we opened the chocolate. Simeon’s side already has quite a few missing 😋) The other day I saw him sneaking through the second layer to get more chocolate 💗 It was so funny seeing his inner Swede battle his deep love for chocolate. But hey, if he loves it that much, by all means- take a ride on the American side and eat the chocolate out of order 😉

I got a cute blue envelope in the mail from my niece Cora. I opened it and there was this little abstract painting. No note, no explanation, just the painting speaking for itself. The only way I knew it was from was because she practiced writing her name on the envelope! It made my heart melt.
Week 14-15

Graduation, Finals, Family Christmas, Birthday – busy 2 weeks!

I got to see some friends from camp in Japan who were at graduation!
Simeon and I drove up to Oshkosh so I could walk at commencement! Afterward, we hung out with Joel and he took us out to his favorite Oshkosh Mexican restaurants. Yumm.

The next week we went Christmas Caroling at a nursing home with our bible study group.
The Pregsters! From left to right: Me: 15 weeks, Renee: 32 Weeks, Carolyn: almost 20 weeks. Carolyn found out that she is having a boy. Renee is waiting to be surprised in February when Baby comes.

We took turns making food and Simeon and I helped out Mom and Lee the first night. The next night Katherine made Chicken marinara with fettuccine Alfredo with sweet potato rolls. yummm. The dress code was formal and my dress was fitted so it showed off my growing baby bump! I got to make name places for the meal.
I turned 24 on the 24th!
At the end of this week was when I started feeling little tiny “pops” in my stomach and that was baby moving 🙂
Week 16

Simeon and I went back to the Appleton area to visit family. His cousin had a break from Ranger school and all of his cousins were in one place! We went up there to visit right before New Years. I had someone at church come up to me and tell me that she just felt that I was having a BOY. On the way home we drove past our old apartment- memories! – stopped by the mall and had gyros – yummm.
We had our 3rd anniversary on the 3rd! I made Simeon breakfast in bed and booked us a night at a hotel – with a fireplace and jacuzzi tub! Last anniversary without kids so #liveitup. We had a gift card to Olive Garden so we ordered food online for pickup on our way to the hotel. There is no Olive Garden where we live so we made a loop around the Tri-State area: left Wisconsin to pick up the food in Iowa and went to our hotel in Illinois.
We got to see our little one on our anniversary and that made it really special. Simeon got to see him/her move for the first time! And Baby gave us a yawn 💗 We even found out the gender.. we were able to see it for ourselves.. 😉 but we didn’t want to tell anyone until our anatomy scan at 20 weeks.
We went over to a friend’s for a murder mystery party! Simeon and I played the engaged couple and what we didn’t know was that my character was 3 months pregnant– almost spot on with me!
The brother of Rocco Scarfazzi (Simeon’s character) was murdered and we were invited to dinner to figure out who did it. It was really fun! We all dressed up and got into character.
week 16 end
This is my food baby from eating all of the amazing food.
I had some downtime and decided that I needed to get a hobby so I could stay sane before my interim class started. I wanted to try out lettering my favorite quotes. Simeon has lots of old calligraphy pens and ink laying around so I tried that but I’m not advanced enough yet for those. I’m just sticking with pencil, pilot pens, and markers I found at a craft store. It’s been pretty fun and a great way to keep myself occupied. Except I’m such a perfectionist when it comes to these things so it takes me fooorrreeevveeerrr. Lots of erasing and trying again. I brought home these really good erasers from Japan (random, I know) but they are amazing and I didn’t know one could use that much of an eraser.
This week I got a job offer for a full time seasonal position as an Office Services Coordinator at a tax/consulting firm! It’s perfect because it gives me something to do until the baby comes! Since I was only 16 weeks I wasn’t quite showing yet for the interview so no awkward looks. But it wouldn’t have mattered if I was pregnant anyway in their eyes because I’m only seasonal and they don’t have to worry about maternity leave. Win-win for both.
Week 17-18
We flew out to Sweden this week! We got to visit Simeon’s parents- Grandparents to be!
Baby was kicking pretty hard one night when we were relaxing by the fireplace. Simeon put his hand on my stomach and he felt Baby kick for the first time! It was so special.
I found some amazing maternity jeans at H&M in Sweden and now I can’t go back to regular jeans.
Week 19
I met up with my fellow pregsters for one last photo of us all pregnant at the same time!
I’m actually showing in the picture even though you can’t tell.
Me: 19 weeks, Renee: 36-37 weeks? Carolyn: 24 weeks
Week 20
The week we’ve all been waiting for: GENDER REVEAL WEEK!
Getting prepped for my ultrasound and we got to watch Baby move in 4-D.

Yes, it was confirmed that we are having a little boy! Which means my intuition, and that of others, was right all along!




I’ve been taking full advantage of the “Reserved Parking For New and Expectant Mothers” spots. I should probably save them for women who are more pregnant than I am.. like my sister who goes to the same doctors office as I do and happened to have an appointment around the same time.. I got a snap when she drove by to park in the spot but my car was already there 😀

Week 21-24

These weeks flew by because I started working full-time so I don’t have many quotes and stories. I get to feel Baby so much now and it is AMAZING! I am able to distinguish between his twists/turns and his kicks. My doctor appointments will increase in frequency to every 3 weeks. My belly is growing like crazy and it harder to mistake me for not being pregnant (although my coworkers are surprised when they find out.. but in their defense I do sit behind a desk that hides it pretty well.) During these weeks I grew out of my winter coat. Before I could barely squeeze into it and still zip it but now there is NO WAY that will zip again this winter.


Waiting for the doctor at my 24 week appointment.

A realtor was showing us a house the other day and the last time she saw me was a month ago. Upon seeing me now she said “my, you’ve popped.” And [what’s left of] my belly button has almost fully popped!


What is really special is that Baby’s kicks are so strong that Simeon can feel almost all of them! He kicks at anything that is on my stomach. And I’ve been able to catch Baby’s kicks on video. It’s pretty hard to do because it’s like he knows when I take my camera out. The second I push record, he stops. The second I stop recording, he starts kicking again. The little rascal 🙂

I’m sure the 3rd trimester will bring its difficulties but I’m going to just enjoy the time now 🙂 I can definitely see why women don’t stop after the first pregnancy.

Week 25-27

Weeks 25-27 were spent hardcore apartment and house hunting. Countless emails, phone calls, and viewings trying to find a place to live. We figured we’d most likely be moving to a smaller apartment so we began spring cleaning early. We threw out a ton of stuff and filled my entire car with things to take to goodwill. Normally I’m the worst at getting rid of things so you could probably say I’m nesting 😉

Just some of the stuff we got rid of!

And of course our new pregster photo:


The first trimester was pretty difficult but the second one has been amazing. Sadly, all good things must come to an end, including the “golden” trimester. Towards the end I’ve been starting to feel very pregnant.

At the most random times it will hit me: I HAVE A PERSON INSIDE OF ME! Now I just can’t wait to meet the little guy!





  1. I loooves this post! My fav are the photos . I always love seeing you and Caleb together. Love the fun times you and simeon had, like the murder dinner and am movie celebration and all the yummy food you guys make and eat. You are getting bigger, how cool! I need to see you in person. I’m soooo excited for you to have your baby!


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