Valentine’s Day

This was our last Valentine’s day without kiddos and what a great last one it was! Simeon had the day off so he took charge this year.

Simeon and I have been Valentines for 6 years now!

I was going to make him breakfast in bed early before I left for work but as romantic of a gesture as that sounds, I thought my hubby would appreciate sleeping in more. So I got his coffee all prepped and put together a french toast mix for him to quickly fry up when he got up.


I came home from work to the smell of fried shrimp and a SPOTLESS apartment!!!


The breaded and fried shrimp… most of which I have eaten.. 🙂


There were a dozen roses waiting for me on the table along with a nail painting station. (I’ve been asking Simeon to paint my nails for me for days- fun fact: with Simeon’s artistic skill and ability to focus, he is phenomenal at painting nails- much better then I could ever hope to be.)

20180214_180940.jpg  20180214_180925.jpg

As if the clean house, roses, and meal wasn’t enough, Simeon had another gift for me!


He said he looked for the classiest looking perfume.

Simeon calls it an old tradition because on our first Valentine’s Day together (6 years ago!), he got me Versace- 1/4 of which I still have. He considers it a joy to slowly build up my nice perfume collection.


We sat down at a beautifully set table and ate the most delicious new york strip steaks I’ve ever eaten. Simeon had them marinating for a bit and it paid off. I generally don’t like much pink in the middle (so I probably shouldn’t be eating steak..) but Simeon made sure to get the thin kind so they wouldn’t have to cook long and dry out.


Sparkling cider and more flowers!

20180214_181013.jpg  20180214_181022.jpg

Afterwards, Simeon and I were sitting on the couch discussing baby names and then I promptly fell asleep at 8:30pm.

And that was the end of a very wonderful Valentine’s Day 🙂

Valentine’s Days through the years:


Caption: “I have the best boyfriend ever!” Simeon had a dozen roses delivered to my door 🙂


I posted this photo to his FB wall.



Our first year of marriage! Simeon worked the night shift and had flowers waiting for me when I woke up. I rearranged our living room so we could have an indoor picnic.


no pictures


I came home from school again to a clean house and wonderful candlelit atmosphere!

Next year we’ll have a little Valentine!




  1. Oh. My. Word. Seriously the cutest ! You two work so hard at making the day special for each other. I love that you let him sleep in and still found ways to make it fun. I loved looking back throughout years. Love your little hair curls. Wow he looked sooo young !


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