Sojourners and Stairs

I was faced with the option of taking another 2 week intensive Swedish class or spending that money on a mini vacation… and that’s how we ended up in HUNGARY!!

20160716_092211 20160715_183101

We did some research for inexpensive places in Europe to travel to.. and Eastern European cities were among the cheapest. Budapest, turns out, is nicknamed the “Paris of the East” because of the beautiful architecture.

We found cheap flights on Lufthansa (now one of my new fav airlines btw) and booked an AirBnb for $35/night! Plus I was recommended by a “friend” (a.k.a. my husband) to “try AirBnb” (a.k.a. $30 off your first time staying somewhere).. which pretty much equals a free night. #workingthesystem? No way. #travelsavvycollegestudent

(P.S.    <– free $30 off. You’re welcome 😉 )

Now, were were we? Oh right, BUDAPEST! We stayed on the Buda side.


Budapest is/was divided into two – Buda on the west side of the Danube and Pest on the east.

Due to flight delays, boarding the aircraft, deplaning the aircraft, waiting, ect., we got in around 1am. The next morning we went to the grocery store to stock up on goodies.

20160716_092812 20160716_101544

20160716_104849 20160716_150356

It was crazy how inexpensive things were.. fresh baked rolls for $0.06… 6 cents!! And they were a good size, too. This day was mainly a relax day because of the rain downpour. There was no internet so we made food, warm drinks, and I took a nap.. several actually.


Mid afternoon rolled around and the rain was letting up so we figured we should get out and explore. 20160716_183654


We came across these never-ending-can’t-see-the-end lovely stairs. Halfway up the 100+ stairs, you can start to see the end.. it reinforces the cliche “the end is in sight”. No wonder it’s made cliche status.. it’s still motivating.


Once we finally reached the top of the stairs we saw.. 20160716_184452.jpg

More stairs. Wait, an elevator! But why ever would we want to take it because we are so young and full of energy.. -_-

When we finally reached the top of those stairs we saw…


*Hint: It was well worth all those stairs.




  1. How fun! Wow those rolls are cheap, such a contrast to Swedish prices. And the relaxing with a warm drink looked so cozy! Can’t wait for the next post!


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