Brussels, Belgium Day 3

Goodbye Germany, Hello Belgium!


We spent 8 hours via train traveling to Brussels from Hamburg.


We had a 1 hour connection between trains in Köln so we went walking around the station looking for a Starbucks and restroom and found this:


A MASSIVE church at the other end of the station. It was magnificent.




Apparently it’s pretty famous. Who knew.


When we arrived in Brussels, we asked for supper recommendations and went to a cute local pizzeria.


We couldn’t read the menu so we just ordered something and this is what we got:


Eggplant, artichokes, mozzarella, tomatoes, basil leaves, and some unidentifiable meat.. something ground up.. sausage maybe?

Before heading to the pizzeria we walked to a grocery store and that was an interesting experience. Things in Europe are pretty packed and compact. The grocery store aisles are big enough for one or two and maybe a basket. Forget about a cart. And the concept of personal space is different in Brussels. If you are standing in the aisle with even just a hint of confusion on your face, you will get run over. 15 minutes to closing time they turn off the lights.




We had a relaxing night in eating pizza and watching a movie.


We woke up at 7am to the sound of someone throwing concrete bricks into a truck like there was no tomorrow! I guess they start their work day early around here :p


This morning we went around looking for fries because they originated in Belgium and you how much I love fries especially for breakfast. But nothing opened before 10am and my train was scheduled to depart at 11am. So I settled for a cheeseburger from a pop up stand.


The bun alone was half the size of my face!


We were in Brussels for only a short time. None of the store owners spoke English so Kara and Joanna had a grand time communicating with their French.

French Countryside

Time to go, my train is arriving in London at Kings Cross Station!





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