Short and Sweet

WordPress just told me it’s been 5 months since my last blog post. Whoa. Time sure flies when you are having fun insanely busy with a full time credit load and 2 jobs. But all that is coming to an end now because CLASSES ARE DONE!! I have successfully completed my first year at UWO.

First and last day of school pictures: First and last day of school

Simeon and I have found ourselves with the opportunity to spend the summer in Sweden! He will be helping with his dad’s construction company and I will be taking Swedish language classes and working on my senior research thesis.

Before we head over there, we still have some things to do stateside first, like his brother’s graduation in Washington D.C. and my sister’s 21st birthday celebration in Iowa. More traveling! Oh and one tiny detail.. we are leaving TOMORROW.

And we haven’t packed yet.. but you know what they say:


I think the panic is starting to set in. Time to go pack!


One comment

  1. You are so fashionable! And your hair really grew throughout the school year. I can’t believe you’re leaving tomorrow! Take millions of photos in DC, mmm I love that place. Soon we’ll see you for Carolyn’s party! 🙂


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