Family Christmas

When you have such a large family, it can be difficult to get everyone together on the actual holiday so we usually celebrate before or after. This year we celebrated it this past weekend and EVERYONE was able to make it! I’m pretty sure that was a first.

christmas-2015 (28 of 37).jpg
photo via Carolyn

The festivities began on Friday night when everyone arrived to Carolyn & Titus’s NEW HOUSE!! It is such a cute house and Carolyn really has an eye for decorating and DIY projects.



The guys didn’t waste any time getting an Age of Empires party going.. and going.. and going…


And what’s a family get together without some football. I was told the teams were Packers vs. Non Packers. Apparently the Non Packers won. I think Mya played on the non-packers team despite the fact that her dad is a Packers Fan. Mya says she’s a Cowboys fan (thanks, of course, to Derrek).


“Cora, show me your game face” :


She is obviously going for the cuteness factor tactic..

We took turns cooking meals and making snacks so I made White Bean Turkey Chili: It’s yummy and healthy! (Recipe Here)



While waiting for lunch to finish simmering, we played Telephone Pictionary. It was a riot!! It’s a game where everyone gets a sheet of paper, and you write a phrase or draw a picture at the top. You fold it over and pass it to the next person. They then look at the picture and write what they think it is or look at the phrase and draw what it says. Then fold it up and pass it on. It goes around in a circle until everyone has written & drawn on all of them. When writing/drawing, you aren’t allowed to look at the rest of the paper, just the one before. At the end, we unfold them all and see where things went wrong!



Here is how wacky things can get: With Mya’s help, I drew a Wizard of Oz scene – tornado, house on the witch, yellow brick road, red ruby shoes, and Toto. After it went all around the circle, it came back with a person lying dead next to a campfire and stinky shoes inside a tent… Um.. yeah. My favorite was “some bright shinning J’s” 😀

As the day wore on, it was filled with good food, games,  laughter, and lot and lots of hot chocolate.



And movie snuggles:



In the evening we gathered together to read the Christmas story, share what has been going in our lives the past year, and pray.

And then, presents!

And more snuggles with the cutie patootie.


On Sunday, after church, (little) Titus got a sliver. And oh my was that a big ordeal. He must have thought he wasn’t going to make it because he was crying and screaming for people to pray for him. (um, how adorable is that?!) The situation was resolved a few minutes later but the question is, how many people does it take to remove a sliver from a 5 year old?

7. The answer is 7.


But that is family for you. Whenever someone is hurting, no matter how small, we rush to their side.

These kids are the best.

christmas-2015 (34 of 37)
via Carolyn

And this girl is wayyy too clever. Don’t let that sweet smile fool you.

christmas-2015 (1 of 37)
photo still via Carolyn

Favorite quote:

Mya – loud enough for everyone to hear – “MOOMMM, is Cora supposed to be having candy??”
Cora – now caught inches away from the candy – “I’m just stretching!” and struts away.

christmas-2015 (36 of 37)
all the good photos are via Carolyn

The best part of this Christmas gathering was that I was able to have my husband right there with me.

christmas-2015 (16 of 37)






  1. Aww! I just love everything about this post.

    Thanks for the shout outs and the “photo still via Carolyn ;)” I love the sweet and sappy moments, Mya’s quote, the picture of Cora for football, and all the big group pictures!!


  2. Fun to read, my highlight of our Christmas get togethers is reading from the Bible, sharing about our life in the past year, and praying around. Sounds like that is part of yours also. Nice recap!


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