I’m alive! I know, its been far too long since I last blogged. Life has been busy and I’m sure you can all relate. But, the end of the semester is near! And even better: I get a month and a half break!!! Life is good 🙂

For Thanksgiving we traveled down to Rockford to celebrate:

20151126_182448.jpg20151126_182500.jpg Simeon worked in the morning so we headed down after he got off. It was a smaller group than usual but still just as fun. We watch the Cowboys and Packers lose back to back.


The next day, of course, we had to go Black Friday shopping. We went to Mendards and it was craaazy.  Snapchat-7362028029108986681

But we did get some good deals. And it was Simeon’s first time participating in the Black Friday madness.

But the craziness didn’t stop there. On our way back that evening, 30 miles away from home we got a flat tire. What’s ironic is that we decided to take Simeon’s car since we weren’t sure if the tires on my car would make it. Thankfully, he knew how to change a tire because I sure didn’t.


We made our way to the nearest tire place on the spare only to be told the earliest they could get us a tire was in 3 days. 3 days?! That wasn’t going to work. We went back out to the car only to find the spare tire flat and with a large hole in it…

After a little prayer and persistence, the worker said he could mount the tire if he finished all his other work for the day. We waited until closing and he was able to get us the tire! Simeon put it on the car and we were able to make it home safely. But not before we got free coffee (and a Chai Tea Latte) at the gas station!



Now that Thanksgiving is officially over and it’s December, it’s time to decorate for Christmas!!



  1. I didn’t know about the tire!! How awful. Praise God it worked out. Is Titus wearing a Cowboys sweatshirt? Interesting. We were bummed to miss you all but we’ll be there next year, Lord willing!


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