So I’ve been having these thoughts lately. Thoughts that have previously popped into my mind, but were quickly thrown out. But lately, they’ve been taking root, growing like weeds, and sprouting into ideas. I know, I know, I’m supposed to be guarding my mind and the like, but there is something different about these thoughts. These musings, if you will, have caused my nature much calamity yet comfort at the same time.

Once upon a time, a few weeks ago, I worked up the courage to reveal these notions to my husband. He stared at me in bewilderment. Upon recovery, he asked that I repeat myself, just to make sure he had heard me correctly.

He had. Because I, ladies and gentleman (Mom, you better sit down for this one), have decided that I have too much stuff.

That’s right. I’m uncovering a new me while uncovering the floor at the same time. Continue reading


Family Christmas

When you have such a large family, it can be difficult to get everyone together on the actual holiday so we usually celebrate before or after. This year we celebrated it this past weekend and EVERYONE was able to make it! I’m pretty sure that was a first.

christmas-2015 (28 of 37).jpg

photo via Carolyn

The festivities began on Friday night when everyone arrived to Carolyn & Titus’s NEW HOUSE!! It is such a cute house and Carolyn really has an eye for decorating and DIY projects. Continue reading


I’m alive! I know, its been far too long since I last blogged. Life has been busy and I’m sure you can all relate. But, the end of the semester is near! And even better: I get a month and a half break!!! Life is good 🙂

For Thanksgiving we traveled down to Rockford to celebrate:

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