Campus Practice Run | 7 Tips for Starting School

School starts tomorrow. A few months ago I was crazy excited. A few weeks ago I was just looking forward to it. A few days ago I was so-so. And today? I wouldn’t mind having another week or so of summer.

I did a dry run today to make sure I knew where all my classes were, how long it’d take me to get there, etc. It was a good thing, too because I learned a lot!

1. Bring an extra pair of clothes. 

It was absolutely pouring when I left the house this morning. We had a flash flood warning alert. So I wore boots, pants, a long sleeve shirt, and a rain coat. When I arrived on campus, the rain slowed to a mere drizzle and the humidity was high. The raincoat could be easily shed but that was it. I would have given anything to change into some cooler clothes, or at least change shoes. (Luckily, included in the free swag I received was a t-shirt!) Don’t forget about gym clothes. Commuter students don’t have the luxury of running to their dorm room for a quick change. Our cars become our new rooms. Continue reading


Fall Style

Happy September! Weather here in Wisconsin has been anything but steady. We’ve had days anywhere from curl up with a blanket 50° weather to days of blast the air conditioner 90° weather just in the past few days! Today it has settled back down to a cloudy 69°.

That can only mean one thing. Autumn is approaching! Fall is by far my favorite season. Candles, cardigans, boots, apple pie, pumpkin carving, warm scents, cider, classical music, apple orchards, pumpkin patches, and leaves changing color are only a few things that excite me about fall. Speaking of classical music, I’m setting the mood with George Winston’s Autumn album (the full album is on YouTube!) and The Piano Guys.

Change in the weather means a change in the wardrobe. You can’t very well brave the cold front with bohemian shorts and crop tops. Well you can but the BarlowGirl lyric: “look so hot but caught a cold” springs to mind. It’s almost time to pack away the summer styles to make room for the fall fashions.

From the fringe to denim & suede to flare bottoms, you don’t have to look far to see that the 70’s & 80’s have made a comeback. I was watching a new show the other day and it took me a while to realize it was set in the 80’s because the fashions were exactly what was being worn today. But since I am, in the words of my sister, “a self proclaimed hipster,” I’m not going to bother telling you about the latest fashions because I probably won’t be wearing them anyway. That isn’t to say I won’t partake in a few pieces here and there, just whatever fits my style.

And what exactly is my style? My style (or at least the style I’m aiming for) is preppy meets hipster with a splash of class. I love everything from: tights, skirts, dresses, cardigans, and blazers to oxfords, boots, and pearls. Here’s what it looks like:

How 20 Fashion Girls Wear Knee-High Socks | StyleCaster:

I am loving these over-the-knee thigh high socks.  Continue reading