Unlocking Creativity

With one month left of summer (you read that right, one whole month!), I figured I should do something productive. And then it hit me: I needed to tap into my nonexistent never before seen art potential. Creativity rarely strikes at a “convenient” hour and this was no exception. So I did what any other rationally thinking person would do: I awoke my husband from his deep slumber to ask where I should start. Graciously, he advised me to gather 3-4 objects, place them in front of me and start drawing. At least, that’s what I deciphered through the grogginess.

One would think that since my mom is an exceptionally talented artist that even a little ounce of that artistry would have transferred to me.. isn’t that how biology is supposed to work? Yeah, not so much. Nevertheless, I found a vase with a sunflower in it and worked out a sketch. Here is the semi-finished result:


20150810_154539 20150810_182102

I also took this creative time to make a stop motion video:

How to Draw a Dog:

Here’s the little saying I recite every time I draw it: There was a man with no arms being chased by a swarm of angry flies. He fell into a great big hole. These are the people that surrounded him. They cried great puddles of tears. These are his tombstones.

That seems like a pretty morbid note to end this on so here is a picture of a sunflower.


The end.



  1. I am literally so impressed!!! I didn’t know you could draw and you do a wonderful job.
    haha I love the “never before seen art potential”

    I can’t believe Simeon was coherent enough to give such great advice right after you woke him up!

    Don’t get Jeff started about genes and inheriting talents and other things from family. Remember that? 🙂


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