Michigan | Part 1 – Beach Day & Grand Haven Pier


Michigan: The Great Lake State

Fun facts:

  • only state with 2 peninsulas
  • tart cherry capital of the world
  • nation’s largest freshwater shoreline
  • “singing sand” beaches
  • home to GM, Chrysler, and Ford
  • more than 11,000 inland lakes
  • you are never more than 6 miles from an inland lake and 85 miles from a Great Lake

Road Trip!

Simeon was so sweet- he got up well before the sun came up and finished all the loading and last minute stuff so I could sleep in.

In just a 6 hour drive we went through 4 states: Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, and Michigan.

20150727_094905(0) IMG_20150727_072429

Gardetto’s are essential for road trips every day life.


First time for me in Michigan! 

20150727_105134 20150727_162054

Simeon used to live in Michigan so when we arrived, we took a walk down memory lane. We met his Opa:


Everyone in Michigan is just sooo sweet! I felt right at home and it was as though I was reconnecting with old friends rather than meeting them for the first time.


Swedes. When kaffe time is all the time. It was our first time seeing Peter in months!


I spy more kaffe.

20150728_094322 20150728_094956
Peter made us lovely fresh blueberry pancakes with handpicked blueberries (thanks Dawn!). Mmmm färsk blåbär.

PJ Hoffmaster


THE LAND OF SQUEAKY SAND. That’s right, the sand squeaks/sings when you walk on it. I have never experienced that before. I just had to record it:

It was a perfect 90 degree day to go to the beach- one of the hottest they’ve had all summer!


20150728_141044 20150728_131021

20150728_131145 20150728_143139


And of course, you cannot see your little brother and not wrestle. Show him who’s boss.

20150728_131325 20150728_131329

(Peter won 5-3, fyi)


We decided to leave just seconds before the tide came in so as we were walking, everyone laying out close to the water was getting soaked.


No better way to end a beach day than with ice cream!

20150728_164658 20150728_164702 20150728_164726

They give you so much ice cream! These were smalls. I only got halfway through mine.

Grand Haven Pier

It was Coast Guard Week in Grand Haven so it was packed!


20150728_203713 20150728_203728


20150728_204258 20150728_210159

We walked out to the Grand Haven Pier to watch the sunset. Since it is so far west in the Easter Time zone, the sun didn’t set until 9pm.


20150728_205842 20150728_210552



The sky was just brilliant.





We ended the night watching the Grand Haven Musical Fountain. It played everything from the Incredibles theme song to contemporary christian music. At the time of construction, it was the world’s largest musical fountain.

The next day we went to the Grand Rapids Public Museum, learned about King Tut, and went to Arnie’s. Stay tuned for Part 2!



  1. -Wow, those pictures should be postcards!
    -Those blueberry pancakes look so so good
    -that’s crazy the sand sings/squeaks!
    -how fun you got to see Peter! I miss all of them!


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