But First, Let Me Take a Selfie

Happy Monday.

I got a selfie stick in the mail today!!


I had popcorn.. for breakfast, upcycled a random college t-shirt, left my hair a hot mess, started planning a Europe backpacking trip, forgot to eat lunch, and worked on another sketch:20150817_114316-1-1-1  Continue reading


Unlocking Creativity

With one month left of summer (you read that right, one whole month!), I figured I should do something productive. And then it hit me: I needed to tap into my nonexistent never before seen art potential. Creativity rarely strikes at a “convenient” hour and this was no exception. So I did what any other rationally thinking person would do: I awoke my husband from his deep slumber to ask where I should start. Graciously, he advised me to gather 3-4 objects, place them in front of me and start drawing. At least, that’s what I deciphered through the grogginess.

One would think that since my mom is an exceptionally talented artist that even a little ounce of that artistry would have transferred to me.. isn’t that how biology is supposed to work? Yeah, not so much. Nevertheless, I found a vase with a sunflower in it and worked out a sketch. Here is the semi-finished result:

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Michigan | Part 1 – Beach Day & Grand Haven Pier


Michigan: The Great Lake State

Fun facts:

  • only state with 2 peninsulas
  • tart cherry capital of the world
  • nation’s largest freshwater shoreline
  • “singing sand” beaches
  • home to GM, Chrysler, and Ford
  • more than 11,000 inland lakes
  • you are never more than 6 miles from an inland lake and 85 miles from a Great Lake

Road Trip!

Simeon was so sweet- he got up well before the sun came up and finished all the loading and last minute stuff so I could sleep in.

In just a 6 hour drive we went through 4 states: Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, and Michigan.

20150727_094905(0) IMG_20150727_072429

Gardetto’s are essential for road trips every day life.


First time for me in Michigan!  Continue reading