The Proposal

It’s crazy to think that one year ago we got engaged!

first picture

The proposal went a little something like this: (as told by Simeon)

It was Sunday, June 15th  and Natalie and I were enjoying dinner at Fratellos in Appleton.   I was trying hard to hide my nerves and the box shaped bump in my pocket.  Natalie was suspicious and I could tell that she was trying not to act excited.  Dinner was delicious and afterwards we drove out to a park in Appleton that had a tall hill with a clear view of the sky.  The sun had dipped below the horizon but the light still lingered in the west.  Slowly, as the sky darkened, a few faint stars started glimmering in the clear night sky.  As we sat and talked, watching the stars grow bright, I fumbled for the ring.  I’d been in stressful situations before but nothing even came close to the feeling of standing at the edge of the future and hesitating to step out.  Years before, I had imagined proposing but it was nothing like this.  The surreal feeling that came with knowing what I was about to do met the reality of the wonderful woman seated beside me, her brown eyes reflecting the starlight.

All I had to do was bring my hand out of my pocket and say those words!

I hesitated, struggling to get the words to come.  “Do you remember how when we were kids, we both would make wishes on stars?”  She nodded, looking at me quietly. Expectantly.

“What did you wish for tonight?” I asked.  I saw a hint of a smile before she turned her face away and leaned up against me, looking away.

“How about I tell you what I wished for instead?”  I pulled the box out of my pocket and opened it with one hand and held it low out of sight as I held her with my other hand.  I brought the box up and asked, “Natalie, will you marry me?”

And I said YES! of course 🙂



And the rest is history.



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