Natural Hair 101

*2017 edit: I made a YouTube channel with how to hair videos!

Thinking about going natural? Are you a naturalista and struggling to take care of your tresses? Are you a momma of a curly girl and wondering how to manage those crazy coils? Maybe you’ve seen someone with a foxy fro and are curious how they take care of it. Here are the basics to natural hair & care.

Before I dig in, there are a couple of terms that may be useful to know:

Natural Hair Glossary

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Homemade Pesto

Homemade PestoFotor_143697475780935

Earlier this summer, we decided to plant some herbs and vegetables to compliment our meals. We chose basil because Simeon is a lover of Italian food. Thankfully we’ve had plenty of rain and sunshine and all the plants have been growing furiously. Today, we harvested most of the basil and trimmed the plants. Continue reading

The Proposal

It’s crazy to think that one year ago we got engaged!

first picture

The proposal went a little something like this: (as told by Simeon)

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