Egg Drop Soup

I’ve been figuring what to do with the chicken stock that was sitting in my pantry when I came across this recipe: EGG DROP SOUP!! Normally, in my younger days, I would boil chicken broth, add an egg, top with chives and call it good. This recipe has changed me.


It calls for 2 eggs and 2 egg whites.. I suppose if you want to get fancy go ahead. I just added 3 eggs and called it good.
Top with green onions. Serve with rice. Eat with chopsticks (the rice, not the soup).  Continue reading


Salsa Verde Chicken

Only 4 ingredients!! Chicken, cumin, beer, salsa verde. DONE.
Put all ingredients in crockpot. Any beer is fine. It all cooks out and you can’t taste it. You can locate salsa verde in the mexican aisle. I’m pretty sure I ate half of the salsa before it made it in the crockpot. So. Yummy. After a few hours, when the chicken is cooked, shred it with 2 forks.
Serve with anything you like. We ate it with tortillas, cheese, creamed corn, lettuce, and sour cream. We also put it in a bowl of rice with aforementioned toppings.

Gather ingredients:

20150517_080820  Continue reading