Take a Hike

*Looks up from phone*

“Let’s do something.”
“What do you want to do?”
“I don’t care, anything.. got any ideas?”

— 5 minutes later —

*Looks up from computer*

“We should do something.”
“Think of something and I’ll do it.”
“How about you think of something.” 

We’ve had a few (more than I’d like to admit) conversations that go a little something like that. We are both are up for anything and don’t really have a preference of what we do. That is until we start making suggestions…

“How about we pick out each others’ outfits, get dressed up and go take pictures.”
“Umm… I’m not really good at picking out outfits.”
“That’s okay, it’s easy.”
“That doesn’t really sound like something I want to do.”
“Why not? I used to do it with my sister.”
“Fine. How about we go outside and take nature pictures.”
“How about we play frisbee golf instead?”
“I don’t really like playing frisbee golf.”
“It’s not that bad.”
“Let’s just go for a walk.”

That was a good choice.



A walk to the park turned into a hike through a random trail off the corner of the park.SONY DSC


We got to the end of the random trail off the corner of the park and it turned out we just walked through the conservancy area. Apparently people have been using the sign for archery target practice:



Luckily for Simeon, they left behind an arrow. Simeon LOVES archery. So we went back into the woods and he made something called an atlatl [aht-lawt-el]. (say that 5 times fast..) He had to repeat the word about four times before I had him to spell it out for me. And then I kept forgetting it.

Simeon: “I’m going to make an atlatl.”
Me: “A what?”
“An atlatl”
“Spell it.”
“What the heck is that??”
“Have you heard of it?”

I’m guessing I’m not the only one. He explained that an atlatl aids in throwing arrows. It’s a spear-thrower that was used before bows.

–every 5 minutes–
“What is this called again?”

It looks a little something like this:SONY DSC

And works a little something like this:SONY DSC


Loved spending the day outdoors.


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