Coffee and Cake

It’s been SO beautiful outside lately so we’ve been trying to spend as much time outside as possible. A few days ago we walked 4.5 miles.. 4.5 MILES!! We walked from our apartment to a not-so-local coffee shop.. that was in the next town over. It’s a quaint coffee shop right by our church. But what made the trip worth it was this:

20150414_151106a mixed fruit smoothie, iced chai tea latte and a blueberry muffin. (and the company wasn’t so bad either ;)) 

Simeon brought some cards along so we played tic.


Tic is a card I learned from my friend Rebecca. We used to play it all the time during play practice. It’s a little like Phase 10 but with normal cards.

Afterwards we walked to a Chinese buffet to gain back all those calories we burned :p

To continue to celebrate being married for 101 days, we busted out our wedding cake when we got home! 1 year seems like an awfully long time to have a princess tårta in your possession without eating it. Here is our lovely wedding cake:

wedding cake

Simeon’s mom did such a wonderful job making the cakes and these personalized dalahäst cake toppers:


I wanted to incorporate lots of Swedish things into the wedding and fell in love with the princess tårta the moment I tasted it. And the dalahäst are so cute!! Dalahäst is Swedish for “wooden horse” and that’s exactly what it is.


Cutting the cake


I got him good


And he wasn’t even expecting it


But he was such a gentleman

10960419_10152649661570778_5873867886760970913_oAnd that is why I married him.


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