Shooting & Smoothies

Yesterday, after church potluck, we did some shopping:

This is how he shops
This is how we shop

I found some new clothes but what I enjoyed most is the experience. One of my favorite shopping trips and road trips was with this guy is when we went to Mall of America a year ago. It was back when we were dating and we decided to visit his grandma for spring break. [post coming soon]

Spring Break Last Year

Before heading off to Minnesota, we were invited over by a family from our church. We spent the evening shooting targets and making smoothies.20140310_16402620140310_17200820140310_164147

We were shooting a skinny chunk of steel at 500m out with high powered rifles. Reeeally far away. You can barely see it in the scope. It’s that little brown thing right below the middle of the scope. Since it was so far away, our shots went a little like this: pull trigger *boom*.. wait for it.. wait for it.. *ping* [who has two thumbs and was 3 for 3? this girl!! 😉 ] luck. #dontmesswiththisgirl1597710_10152012311630922_1839486756_o20140310_173548 #orthisgirl20140310_174158Then we did some up close and personal defense training complete with shooting and pepper spraying (the target):20140310_185320

HK USP 4020140310_18532920140310_184720

He’s such a good teacher.

Aftermath of the steel chunk:20140310_21443920140310_214447

Time to warm up and make some smoothies. We were introduced to the Nutribullet.

20140310_203302 20140310_204211

There was a ton of fresh fruit to choose from! I made mine a little too lemony.20140310_204727

For supper we had farm fresh pork chops.
Even more delish.

We had such a fun time with these guys and it was a great start to our spring break!


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