Josh Garrels and Sörgårdste

Josh Garrels released his new album, Home.  It’s been on repeat for the past day in our apartment. I love folk music and Christian folk is hard to come by so that’s why this is such a big deal. And it’s FREE on Noisetrade right now! Check it out.

When Simeon and I first met, he introduced me to Josh Garrels (indirectly). Simeon liked Josh Garrels. I liked Simeon. Therefore, I liked Josh Garrels. And by “liked” I mean “listened to nonstop and memorized every song so I had something to talk with Simeon about”. Girls do weird things when they like someone.. But it wasn’t that hard because the music is amazing. And he’s even better in concert! Love & War & The Sea In Between was his first album I heard and is best when listened to from start to finish. “Farther Along”, “Ulysses”, “Million Miles”, “Slip Away”, “Flood Waters”, “Beyond the Blue” and “Bread and Wine” are just a few of my favorite songs. (Who am I kidding.. they’re all my favorite.) His music is my kind of cozy and is perfect for a day like today. Spring is here but snow is still in the forecast so it’s overcast and sprinkling here and there. It’s perfect for listening to when curling up in a blanket and enjoying a nice cup of tea. Speaking of, I’m enjoying a nice cup of Sörgårdste. That’s Swedish for.. well I’m not really sure. Let’s go with “Yummy Tea”. It’s black tea with a taste of rhubarb, passion fruit and strawberry. Mmmmm.


Josh Garrels + Sörgårdste = 🙂



  1. LOVE that YOU introduced me to Josh Garrels! I’m downloading the newest album right now, thanks for the free download link. Your day sounds so cozy!


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